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Consultation to prepare legislation on the monitoring of HDV CO2 emissions and fuel consumption

Explanatory introduction

The July 2016 Strategy for low-emission mobility[1] puts the emphasis on low-emission mobility as an essential component of the broader shift to low-carbon, circular economy needed for Europe to stay competitive and be able to cater to the mobility needs of people and goods.

Within road transport, which represents about 19% of total EU Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, Heavy-Duty Vehicle (HDV) CO2 emissions represent 25% of GHG emissions, while representing only 5% of all vehicles in the EU, and some 5% of total EU GHG emissions and their share is expected to grow.

While heavy-duty vehicles have been subject to similar air pollution standards as cars and vans, and are now required to meet them under real driving conditions, the EU has neither fuel efficiency standards for them, nor a carbon dioxide monitoring scheme as in the case of cars and vans.

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