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Innovative Solutions towards a Sustainable Logistics Industry in Europe

As the global shift towards a low-carbon, circular economy is under way, the logistics industry is becoming the front-runner in many green services, technologies and initiatives. Sustainability is fundamentally part of the logistics industry.

The logistics industry invests in innovative solutions to improve their energy efficiency and overall carbon footprint:

  1. Promoting fuel-efficient transport and facilitating the roll-out of alternative fuel infrastructures across Europe, moving towards zero-emission vehicles and enabling the use of alternative, less carbon-intensive fuels (e.g. electric mobility);

  2. Fostering infrastructure (hinterland) connections and aligning technical standards between all modes of transport to improve multimodal and intermodal freight transport;

  3. Incentivising the wider deployment and more effective use of digital technologies to increase efficiency and productivity;

  4. Designing circular logistics solutions to accelerate the transition towards a Circular Economy, and overcome potential capability gaps (e.g. in collection and sorting)

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